Wednesday, March 28, 2018

25 Creative Funny Drawings by Lucas Levitan

Illustration by Lucas Levitan: Next time if you are posting images on Instagram, just be careful as your photos may be stolen by Lucas Levitan. Lucas Levitan is a Brazilian artist who loves to do illustrations on other people's photo. Of course he gives the link back to the owner with full credits. Levitan sees the world with a little bend on reality. What's more, by de-contextualizing them, he changes the way they are seen and connect with his viewers in a startling and energetic way. Levitan searches for motivation in regular life and transform standard items and scenes into fascinating pictures that occasionally come to fruition as representation, figures, establishments, works of art or movies. His project is known as photo invasion, where he changes the regular photos into hilarious illustrations. In this post we have added 25 humorous illustrations by Lucas Levitan. Lucas currently resides in London and he loves to give a humorous story to any kind of photos. According to him, it's a way to celebrate photography and illustrations.

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