Monday, March 19, 2018

20 Creative and Beautiful Paintings by French Artist Ratur

Paintings by Ratur: Arthur Maslard is popularly known as Ratur. He was born in 1983, in Le Havre, France. Ever since he was a little child he was extremely interested in sketching and designing. He holds a degree in Visual communication. During his studies, he met a graffiti artist Madkow, who was from a nearby town and he paired up with him to create his first mural. Ratur worked with a couple of creative agencies, before becoming a freelance artist. From 2006 he works as a freelance artist and he does both indoor and outdoor paintings. He has made many beautiful paintings, street art and murals for playgrounds in France. Ratur works on both mediums digital painting and canvas and each of his paintings are strikingly beautiful.Ratur has also designed several covers for vinyl records (Dinner At The Thompson's, Acoosmik), logos and other types of visual media. In this post we have added 20 Beautiful Paintings by Ratur for your inspiration.

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