Wednesday, March 21, 2018

20 Amazing Photorealistic Colored Pencils by Heather Rooney

Color pencil drawings: Heather Rooney is a perfectionist and detailed american artist who creates these extra ordinary celebrity portraits using color pencils. She has posted many time lapse videos of her color pencil drawings on youtube and it's equally fascinating to watch the videos. First she draws an outline of the celebrities and then fills them up with minimal colors. It takes her a good two and half hour to finish one single portrait. Believe me, this is extremely fast for any professional working on portraits. Apart from celebrity portraits, Heather Rooney also uses animation movie characters, plants and animals as subjects for her drawing. She is quite popular on the social media sites and is also known as the 'Hand drawn Photo Maker'. Enjoy these beautiful colorpencil drawings by Heather Rooney and be inspired.

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