Monday, August 6, 2018

20 Beautiful Digital Art Works by Thanshuhai

Digital Art Works by Thanshuhai: Vietnamese artist Thanshuhai is a self taught freelance digital illustrator. He likes to draw Anthro/Furry animals for a living. He currently lives in Philippines. He draws her inspiration from nature and music. Thanshushai is always eager to learn and experiment on new things to improve his work. Thanshuhai is also known as Rikkun. Before becoming a freelance digital artist, Thanshuhai worked at local printing shops where he created gift cards, yearbooks and so on. Through his digital paintings, Thanshuhai loves to express himself to the world through his anthro and furry art. A squirrel holding a coffe cup, which has the words written Java on it and asking the viewers, if they want coffee, is so adorable. Keep up the good work Thanshuhai. Enjoy these beautiful digital artworks by Thashuhai for your inspiration.

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