Thursday, August 9, 2018

15 Beautiful Street Art by Fintan Magee

Street Art by Fintan Magee: Fintan Magee is an australian street artist who is quite popular for his street art works in Queensland and also in New South Wales.Fintan Magee graduated in Bacehlor of fine arts from Griffith University in 2009. From 2011 he has conducted solo exhibitions which have given him a lot of popularity. He currently resides in Sydney and also owns a gallery. His street work has received several awards and recognitions and also been mentioned in the yoke magazine. Finton Magee was born in Lismore and moved into Brisbane during his early childhood. During his teenage he was quite taken up by the grafitti on Brisbane's walls and wanted to master that art. In this post we have included 15 Beautiful Street Art by Fintan Magee for your inspiration.

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