Friday, July 13, 2018

12 Beautiful Color Pencil Drawings by Ronald Restituyo

Color pencil drawings: Ronald Restituyo is a self taught artist from Domnican Republic. He completed his graduation in civil engineering and continued with his passion for art. The usage of colors, lines and styles are truly awe inspiring. Most of his color pencil drawings are characters from fairytales. Baymax hugging Princess Elsa, Princess Ariel, Owl Eyes, Human eyes and so on. According to Ronald Restituyo, "I draw since I was a kid and I started painting in 2011. My passion is art. I love to work with different techniques and materials. Most of my pieces are based on the female body, which great shapes are an endless source of inspiration". The owl eyes are simply intriguing, they seem to stare into your soul. Have a look at the beautiful color pencil drawings by Ronaldo Restituyo and be inspired.

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