Tuesday, June 5, 2018

20 Creative Figurative Wood Sculptures by Stefanie Rocknak

Sculpture by Stefanie Rocknak: Stephanie Rocknak is a New york based wood sculptor. She was born in a wood working family, her mother used to do antique retouches and father used to refurnish old buildings into a new ones. According to Rocknak's bio,"I have been around woodworkers for as long as I can remember—while growing up, my mother meticulously refinished countless pieces of antique furniture and for a while, my father worked as a professional carpenter (as well as an art teacher). My grandfather also had a wood shop at his boat yard (Rocknak's Yacht Basin) in Forked River, New Jersey. In between swinging on the travel lift and sniffing around the docks, my brothers and I would sneak into his shop and create giant piles of saw dust and then blow them up with a bike pump, volcano style. My brother Russ still has the wood robot that he made during this time. And after my family moved to Maine in 1972, I was fortunate enough to get to know Ted Hanks, a master bird-carver. I especially remember picking up a life-size body of one his birds before the wings were attached and thinking, how did he do this?". At the age of 11, she along with her father did a sculpture of a face in wood. Eventhough she was born in New york, her numerous trips around Europe is the inspiration behind her figurative sculptures. She has presented many solo exhibitions in many places and has also been awarded numers awards and grants for her exquisite work. She currently works as a professor of Philosophy in Hartwick College, Oneonta.In this post we have added 20 Beautiful figurative Sculptures by Stefanie Rocknak for your inspiration.

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