Monday, June 25, 2018

20 Beautiful and Hyper realistic Paintings by Young sung Kim

Hyper realistic paintings : Young sung Kim is a Korean artist born in Seoul in 1973. After graduating from the Department of Painting, College of Fine Art, Hongik University in 1997, he has tan numerous roles, but his passion is for hyper realistic paintings which seem to largely focus on minute things. Young Sung kim adores the little amphibians and smallest creatures and we can see that through his hyper realistic paintings. Through is paintings he seems to tell us to enjoy the little things in life, they are of great value to us. Kim's paintings are part of numerous private collections and the permanent collections of the Seoul City Museum of Art, Art Retreat Museum and many more. From the year 2000, Young sum kim's focus has been primarily on snails, beetles, frogs and fishes. Most of his paintings have these small animals taking rest in mason jars, glasses, cups and spoons. He seems to stress on the fact that both man made objects and other forms can co-exist naturally in this world. From his hyper realistic paintings, you can see the sheen of the metal, clear glass bottles, which sometimes makes you wonder if they are for real. Enjoy these beautiful hyper realistic paintings by Young sum kim and be amazed. 

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