Tuesday, May 22, 2018

20 Beautiful Street Art works by French artist Hopare

Street Art by Hopare: Alexandre Monteiro known as Hopare was born n 1989 and is one of the well known artists in the street art industry. He took interest in street art at the age of 12 when he found one of the streets filled with graffiti. According to his Bio,"In 2005 when he was in junior high school he was tremendously influenced by his art teacher who was none other than Shaka, a well-known French street artist still in the game. The pupil and the teacher shared lots of artistic times together, so many that young Hopare prefered to skip the recess to draw with Shaka. A year later Hopare painted his first important mural and soon after integrated TSF Crew".According to him "street art – and more specifically freestyle production - is something that makes the artist feel free and a weapon to release the walls from their gray straightjacket".Hopare is a french street artist, who has decorated the streets of Paris with his vibrant and colourful artworks. Hopare's artwork known as "Urban Safari" took him two days to complete the mural. In the "Urban Safari" mural, a young woman's portrait is combined with several abstract colours and other elements. Almost all his paintings have abstract shapes and fluid lines which seems to be exploding with colors and designs from one part of the mural to another. In this post we have added 30 Beautiful Street Art by Hopare for your inspiration.

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