Wednesday, January 24, 2018

20 Creative Painting ideas with Flowers by Lim Zhi Wei

Creative Painting ideas by Lim Zhi Wei: Lim Zhi Wei is a Malayasian artist currently living in Singapore. She creates whimsical flower art which are truly a inspiration for all budding artists around the world. If you ask Lim Zhi Wei what she is passionate about, she would instantly say flowers, her passion for flowers has helped her in making creative paintings of flowers in almost all colors. Lim Zhi Wei is a fine arts degree holder from Nanyang Academy of Fine Art Singapore. After her graduation, she began teaching children as a full time job. She uses little objects found around her house and class as painting ideas, to create exceptional art designs. She is a popular person in the field of visual arts and social media. Her curated works are available on her page in instagram, and spreads her happiness to everyone who views them. Her works have been featured by both local and overseas media including Instagram homepage, My Modern Met United States, Bored Panda, Mayhem Magazine Australia, Elements Magazine and many more.

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