Thursday, December 14, 2017

15 Beautiful Face Painting by Rankin & Andrew Gallimore

Face Paintingby Rankin & Andrew Gallimore : Beauty is power; it has the ability transform, to captivate and to inspire. The very best beauty images do all three and together Rankin & Andrew Gallimore have created some of the most captivating beauty images in recent memory. As founder of both Dazed & Confused and Hunger magazine Rankin is a fashion household name and as a makeup artist / beauty editor Gallimore is continuously pushing the boundaries of what beauty is. Together the duo has created a striking new book simply titled, " Andrew Gallimore by Rankin"  that charts the course of their collaborations and in doing so explores the definition of what beauty is on a cultural scale. Exploring a host of iconic images, from Dia de Muertos art, to the vibrant cosmetic looks of 80s pop idols Gallimore & Rankin prove that inspiration is all around us. Here are some of their wonderful face Painting

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