Wednesday, November 9, 2016

25 Beautiful and Realistic Pastel Paintings by Ruben Belloso

Pastel Paintings
Pastel Paintings: Pastel paintings are definitely not for beginners, because you go wrong on a color or make some errors. it's pretty difficult to cover up. You can still blend your pastel colors by adding different color layers, for making your pastel paintings. Pastel artwork is created using the pastel sticks, which are similar to the pigments present in oil paints. The powdered colour pigments are combined together with a binder like gum arabic and made available as pastel sticks, you can also call them as crayons.From renaissance period, dry pastels have been used by artists to create wonderful pastel artwork. There are some artists who create pastel paintings with a mixture of water and alcohol to get their desired effect. There different kinds of pastels available like hard,semi-soft, soft pastel sticks and each have their own advantages and differ slightly in the end color effect. There is no specific rule to follow when you are painting with pastels, ultimately it's the joy of painting that matters to you. So have fun being creative. In this post we have included Top 25 Realistic and beautiful pastel paintings. 
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